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Mercy For Me

David’s prayer of repentance from Psalms 51.


How Does Biblical Restoration Work?We use the TLC approach in restoration.

  • T is for Time.

    What most Christians need in times of discouragement, or when they have fallen, is someone to give them time. They also need time to heal. When someone has fallen, they are not going to be able, immediately to resume what they once did. They are broken, and it takes time, for the broken to be healed.

  • L is for Love.

    There are two important parts to this. First, they must understand and know the love of God, better than they have ever known, in their lives. Secondly, they must know that there are those who love them. Without love, a person will be unable, to be restored.

  • C is for Care.

    Care is more than compassion. Just as a doctor gives care to a patient, we must give care to those who have fallen, or who are discouraged. Our mission is to give the care needed, to those who have fallen.