10 Things Even the “Unqualified” Can Do

Although I am being a bit facetious here, there is much truth to this article. There are those of us who have been deemed by many to be “unqualified” for many places of service in some churches. Those who claim this is not true, have not walked in our shoes. It is far more prevalent than you might want to believe. However, the purpose of this is not to correct them, but to encourage those of us who are in the shunned position as to what they cannot stop us from doing. Here are 10 suggestions.

1. Be a prayer warrior. This, done in secret is an effective and needed ministry.

2. Be an encourager. Encourage others around you, but don’t get caught.

3. Be a giver. I have yet to be told, that I was unqualified to give tithes and offerings.

4. Be a smiler and an a greeter. In other words, be positive. Besides, it drives pharisees crazy to see us happy.

5. Be a greeter. I do not mean at the door. Greet those around you with warmth and welcome.

6. Be a secret servant. If you see trash on the floor pick it up, or anything else that catches your eye that needs to be done.

7. Be a non critic. Now this is a strange calling, but one thing that churches could use more of. Be someone who does not find fault or listen to criticisms by the “qualifiers.”

8. Be an example. Your presence may encourage another returning prodigal to come back to God.

9. Be faithful. Even if we can’t be found useful to man, we can be found faithful to God.

10. Be a restorer. Even the fallen can help other fallen. When you see someone who has been away, welcome them, love them and encourage them.

So, you see, there are places where even we can be used. Instead of worrying about what you cannot do, do those things you cannot be stopped from doing. (DH)