14 Signs That You Are Still Wounded By Your Fall

Falling hurts. That includes when you are overtaken in a fault. Often someone who has fallen, stays wounded for too long. If you are having difficulty getting over your wounds, it may be a sign that you are not truly repentant of what you’ve done. It also may be an indication that you have not stopped doing what you fell into. I have noticed that people who fall often have difficulties getting over the hurt. There are several things that are indicative of one who is still feeling the wounds of their fall.

1. Inner pain or hurt that will not go away. If you are still hurting on the inside because of your fall, it is a good sign that you are still wounded.

2. Irritable to those closest to you. Although it is wrong, it is not unusual for one that was fallen to struggle in their personal relationships with those closest to them. If you find that you are having problems getting along with your loved ones, it is a sign that you are the one who is still wounded.

3. Low tolerance for the mistakes of others. When someone has fallen, they should befall of mercy for others but often when they are still wounded they are intolerant of the failures of others. Tolerance is a sign of one who has recovered from the pain of their own fall.

4. Feelings of anger, bitterness, resentment keep rising up within you at the slightest offense from others. Great peace have they which love thy law and nothing shall offend them. A sign of being still wounded is that you are easily offended.

5. Still sensitive about the things that happened in your past? There comes a point in time when you are no longer feeling the sensitivity of your failures. You don’t walk with your head down and you don’t feel that people are looking to hurt you. If you are still sensitive, it is a sign that you are still wounded.

6. Struggling with extending forgiveness. Forgiving people, forgive people. People who are still struggling, accepting forgiveness, have problems extending forgiveness. If you are still wounded, you are probably struggling to forgive others who hurt you.

7. Feelings of being unloved or unworthy. A wanted person walks around feeling pity for themselves. Self-pity is a terrible sign of one who is still hurting. If you feel like people have it in for you, you’re definitely still wounded.

8. Lashing out at people, you feel are rejecting you. There will be people who continue to reject you, even after you have confessed your sins. However, there are times when we are rejecting ourselves for people. We blame them for the feelings of rejection that are not necessarily even coming from them. That is what wounded people do.

9. Feelings of anger towards God. God gets blamed for a lot of things. Sadly, wounded people blame God for their continued pain. Yet, often the pain should have been eliminated already. We are not wounded because of what we did, but because of how we have responded to what we did. Unfortunately, we become angry at God for those feelings.

10. Beating yourself up over and over again. This is definitely a sign of one who is still wanted. If you can’t get over what has happened, then you are bringing damage to the wound that should have been healed by now. Stop beating yourself up.

11. Easily frustrated with everyday chores and responsibilities. A wounded person struggles with the routine of life. They have a difficult time living in a normal fashion. Even the everyday activities are frustrating because they are still feeling the wounds of their sins.

12. Looking for means of escape. Alcohol, drugs, pornography, and even suicide are some of these means. But sometimes it is merely isolation, marked by sleeping too much, eating too much or even binge television viewing. If you have turned to anything other than God for your solace, you are probably still wounded by your fall.

13. Unfair expectations of others. When we are wounded we expect people to behave a certain way towards us and we even expect them to get over what we did to them. It is not our responsibility to place expectations on others. You will be greatly disappointed if you do. When you are wounded you have a tendency to do so, more often.

14. Feelings of hopelessness. Perhaps, nothing shows that a person is still wounded like feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness. When you feel like you have no hope for your future, then you are still bearing the wounds of your sentence.

So what do we do to deal with these things? These are merely symptoms. The problem is that we are still wounded and we need healing. Healing can only come from the Holy Spirit of God. That healing can only take place where we have truly repented of our sins and accepted his forgiveness. I share these things, not because there’s anything you can do about them individually, but so that you can see if perhaps you are living a wounded life. If you have the symptoms, then you are walking wounded. You need to deal with it, so that these symptoms can go away.