16. A Friend Who Has Fallen

“I Just Didn’t Know What to Say”

When a friend had fallen, I reached out to him and tried to help him. He didn’t want help. We helped his wife and kids and kept praying for him and reaching out to him.

He didn’t want my help.

I contacted Fallen IN Grace and we worked together and helped him. It was amazing to watch God work in someone who didn’t want to be restored.

God did put his life, and marriage back together and they are doing great.

A couple mutual friends of the fallen and I were talking. I asked them why they didn’t reach out to our mutual fallen friend. In actuality, they were a lot better and closer friends than I was. They said, “I didn’t call because I just didn’t know what to say.”

I didn’t say a lot to him, but that phrase bothered me. In my opinion he didn’t think about what to say because it isn’t hard.

If we put ourselves in their shoes, what would we want someone to say?

“Hello friend. I love you. I don’t care what happened. I am still your friend. I will not condemn you, but I would like to help you. Them just listen and take it from there.”

You may have to do that often and prove that you really care. Some might say that, but are just trying to find out the scoop and all the dirty little secrets.

As you know, at a funeral when someone loses a loved one it isn’t the words that you say while you are there that matters, it is that you ARE THERE for them that matters.

Don’t worry about what to say. Just be there for them.

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