16 Wake-Up Calls for Christians

Have you changed? Has your Christian life grown cold? Are you growing or are you going backwards in your walk? Perhaps, all you need is a good wake up call. Here are a few things to consider, to see if maybe it’s time for a wake up call. Don’t rush through these. Read one and ask yourself, “Is that me?” Be honest. Don’t wait until you have wandered away, any further.

1. Do you break out in tears of conviction when you read His Word, and see how Holy He is, and how unworthy you are?

2. Do you weep over sins that others regard as trite, or do you now accept them in yourself?

3. Do you rejoice over the attention you receive for your service, more than you do over the thought of having crowns to cast at His precious feet?

4. Do you weep with a burden over souls or do you go out soul winning to fulfill your duty or do you never witness to the lost?

5. Do you hunger and thirst after righteousness?

6. Do you agonize in sorrow when you know you have done something to disappoint the Lord?

7. Is your Salvation sweeter today than it was yesterday, or have you even thought about it lately?

8. Do you find yourself being more critical and judgmental of others, rather than compassionate?

9. Has your love for Christ turned cold?

10. Do you rejoice less over the things of God, than you once did?

11. Do you find yourself making more excuses for not doing the things you ought to be doing?

12. Are your public prayers more intense than your private ones?

13. Do you want everyone to know the sacrifices you make in the works you perform and do you get offended when you are not given credit?

14. Do you think more about what others think of you than you do about what the Lord thinks of you?

15. Do you notice the inadequacies in others, much clearer than you see the ones in yourself?

16. Do you hunger to be in the security of the Christian crowds more than you hunger to be alone with the Lord?

Perhaps there is no evidence of “terrible” sins in your life, yet you know you are not where you once were in your relationship with the Lord? (DH)