20 Dangers to Christians When A Major Scandal Takes Place

12. Church Going Through a Pastor’s Fall

Please consider these thoughts. You may not agree with all of them, but no doubt we see many mistakes made when these things transpire. Satan is working hard to control these situations. We must not allow it.

1 . Too many opinions that are based on just that…opinion, RATHER than Scripture.
2 . Pulling for a certain verdict you want in the person’s punishment. Pray for God’s will to be done.
3 . Being sucked in by the world, making judgments that are not our place to make.
4 . Getting caught up in details, that you don’t need to know, and probably should not know. Think on what things? (Philippians 4:8)
5 . Letting it stay alive longer than it should; Move on.
6 . Lumping. It is never right to lump everyone together when this happens.
7 . Forgetting that God is in control. Remember; God is God and we are not.
8 . Showing the world our love for justice, but forgetting to let them see our love for mercy.
9 . Talking too much about it. Such talk turns into gossip, fast.
10 . Getting sidetracked from our responsibility of reaching the lost.
11 . Losing faith in all, because of one. Now that is just plain dumb.
12 . Pride. Do we like hearing of another’s mess because it makes ours not look so bad to us?
13 . Disillusionment. NEWS ALERT!!! God is still God. He is still in control. He still loves us.
14 . Allowing the world to set the tone. Our tone should be GRACE, GRACE and more GRACE.
15 . Condemning the offender beyond any hope.
16 . Making humor about it or laughing when others do. Sin is not funny.
17 . Forgetting our sinfulness. Satan would love to get you to think that you are not capable of the same thing or worse.
18 . Getting down on ourselves. We should never have been up on ourselves.
19 . Believing everything you hear. Satan would like nothing more; so don’t hear.
20 . Not grieving over every aspect with spiritual sorrow, for ALL involved.