21 Things You Ought to Consider BEFORE You Choose to Commit That Sin.

18. Living With a Secret Sin

You may only have a moment to decide, but a lifetime to regret. Perhaps this is a list we all should keep before us, at all times as a reminder of things we may forget in that moment of weakness and temptation. Read it slowly, thoughtfully, prayerfully. Perhaps today is the day you will make that decision. Choose wisely.

Consider the shortness of the pleasures of sin with the length of the punishments.

Consider the companions of sin; one sin never goes alone, but opens the doors for other sins to enter.

Consider that your life is but a vapor, that appears briefly and is soon gone.

Consider that sin causes us to lose the greatest thing of all, which is the favor of our Father.

Consider the uncertainty of victory over the sin, once it has overtaken you.

Consider the nearness of death because you do not know how long your life will be.

Consider the value of your life. Is it worth wasting it for a short lived pleasure?

Consider the beauty of a good conscience before God and man.

Consider the loss of your good name.

Consider the sin, in light of the mercy God has given you.

Consider the precious blood that was shed for you by Christ ,against whom you will be sinning.

Consider those who will be devastated, perhaps even destroyed by your sins.

Consider those who gave their life for the faith you are about to betray with your sin.

Consider the losses from your sins that may never be regained.

Consider that you may condemn loved ones to hell who reject the Gospel you betrayed.

Consider the cloud of Heavenly witnesses (think of the ones you know) who watch you to see if you will stay pure.

Consider the lifetime of regrets, over the scars, the sin could leave you.

Consider the opportunities that will be gone, vanished for a lifetime.

Consider the possibility that once you have stepped over that line into sin, there will no potential to turn around.

Consider the fact, that some sins have consequences that once done cannot be undone in this life.

Consider the sorrow of your Heavenly Father.