9 Lies for the Fallen Person to Avoid

I can really lie to myself at times. Actually, it is not me who is lying to me. It is Satan. Satan gets me to play a subconsciousness game of “Repeat After Me,” and far too often I go along. When I do, it drags me back down. Repeat a lie enough times and eventually you will believe it and that is tragic. Here are a few lies to avoid.

1. You don’t deserve happiness. OK, you sinned, so you should stay miserable for the rest of your life. WRONG! Don’t make happiness your goal but don’t deny yourself the right to have it. God wants you to live in His joy.

2. You are a failure. NO you are not. You failed, maybe more than once, but you are only a failure the day you quit getting up and moving forward.

3. Being busy will keep you from sinning or struggling. Many people try to busy their hurt away. You need quiet time, not idle time. Learn to be silent and still without being mentally dragged back to thoughts of the past.

4. It is wrong to feel emotions. Satan would have you think that all your feelings are bad. You must have times to acknowledge and deal with your emotions. Falling hurts and it is normal to experience strong feelings after you do. Just don’t let it paralyze you. It will ease up in time.

5. To be strong is to not feel pain. Pain is always a part of the fall, but don’t let the pain stop you from getting back up. The worst pain is when we let it defeat us. The strongest people are the ones who feel pain, accept it, learn from it, and fight through it. They turn their wounds into wisdom. It’s all about having the courage to take a break, to shed a tear, to dust yourself off, and then to get back in the ring to fight like you’ve never fought before.

6. Your past is holding you back. That is a lie and can become an excuse. Stop using it. The past is the past and does not have to be a foretaste of your future.

7. You are destined to suffer for your sins. Deal with your consequences but do not believe that it is your lifelong destiny to live in sorrow. We have heard so many sermons on sin’s consequences and not enough about God’s deliverance.

8. People must give you permission to come back. That is a lie. You are God’s child and you must not believe that anyone can tell you that you cannot come back to God. They may reject you for a time or even forever, but God is ready to receive you back now.

9. It’s too late to do anything for God. Try telling Samson that. It is NEVER too late for God to use you. If you are still on this earth God, will still use you. If you’re reading this right now, congratulations, you are alive, which means it’s not too late for you.

There are many who struggle daily with a fall that may have taken place many years ago. I trust this will be a help to you or to someone you love. (DH)