A Biblical Solution for Guilt

There is a barrier that often stands between the child of God and the Heavenly Father, disturbing a perfect relationship. It is a hindrance to many of God’s people. So many people sadly are plagued by it, yet do not know how to deal with it. It is called guilt. First of all, let us understand that Satan is not the author of guilt. Guilt is a reaction from the laws of God, ordained by God for those who have disobeyed His will or His laws.

Dealing with Satan will not conquer guilt. Satan tempts us to sin. Sin leads to guilt. Satan does not bring guilt in the person’s life, but rather it is the sin that brings guilt to us. What is guilt? It is the opposite of innocence. Guilt is the fact of having committed an offense against God. He made our minds to be devices of judgment. That Is why we have a conscience. Thus, when we disobey Him or commit an offense against Him, we have a guilty conscience. Our conscience judges us.

Leviticus 16 teaches us about the Day of Atonement which took place on the tenth day of the seventh month. The children of Israel had to observe the Day of Atonement once a year to be cleared of guilt for their sins. Several steps were included in this process. Aaron, or the high priest, would begin by offering a bullock for himself and his household, sprinkling the blood on the Mercy Seat seven times. Next, he would offer the blood of the goat (the sin offering) in the same way, to atone for the sins of the people. Finally, he would take the live scapegoat outside the camp to a wilderness that was uninhabited and confess all the iniquities, transgressions and sins of the people. He would then drop off his garments, cleanse himself, and come forth and cry out “FINISHED.” This simply meant that the sacrifice had been accepted, and the guilt of the people had been lifted. This brought great jubilation, for all guilt was removed and once again they were innocent before God. Certainly it was one of the great moments of peace, joy and delight to the children of Israel. Guilt had been a barrier and now it was removed.

This is what is wrong with many of God’s people today. The guilt has not been lifted. A child of God must remember that guilt is not Satan’s fault, guilt is not God’s fault, it is our own fault. We allow it. Let us look at the Old Testament solution for guilt and apply it to ourselves.

1. Their guilt was atoned for by the blood. Christ knows all our sins and paid for them with His blood, now we must simply put our sins under that blood. As we daily look to Calvary, we are reminded that the blood has made atonement for our sins. The more aware you are of Calvary, the less you will be aware of your guilt. Rather than trying to forget your sin, try delighting in Calvary’s blood.

That is what we must look at, not at that which we know we have committed, but at the blood that covers it even from the eyes of God. It is a tragedy that the child of God who is blood washed should remain filled with guilt. How can you possibly have the right relationship with God, if you are not allowing your sin to be covered by the blood? Too many times we try to erase the guilt, with man-made ideas and methods when, in truth, only God can do it.

2. Their sins were confessed upon a scapegoat. The guilt was not lifted until they confessed their iniquities, transgressions and sins and placed those on that scapegoat. They will not be lifted in our lives until we too place it upon our scapegoat, the Lord Jesus Christ. Many people cannot get close to the Lord because they have not confessed their sins and this has kept them away from God. Unconfessed sin is like rotting flesh that becomes more and more corrupt. Over the years, it decays and becomes more vile than even in the beginning. Decay goes all through the life, bringing a stench into every part of the person’s life and causes destruction throughout their being. The end result is a destroyed relationship with God. Take your burden and your sins to the Lord and leave them there.

3. They took the scapegoat out into the wilderness and left it. They had to get it out of the camp and out of their sight before the guilt was lifted. This perhaps is our problem. We allow the sin to stay close enough so that we see it constantly and are reminded of it. That is why we ought to avoid things, places, or even people of the old life that begin to bring guilt back into our minds. Often we confess the sin, but entertain the memory, which causes great sin or guilt to befall us. You will clear the guilt when you cleanse the last dregs of desire, delight and memory out of your life. Completely put it away. Cast it outside of the camp. There is guilt in the lives of many, many Christians that has kept them from ever really being as close to the Lord as they ought to be. It has destroyed what could be a sweet relationship. Remember, your sins and iniquities He will remember no more, why should you?

Have you ever felt as though you could not pray, or that you seemed so distant from God, as though there were some kind of barrier? It is the barrier of guilt. Your relationship with God will never be good until you are able to remove all of the guilt within you. (DH)