Admonitions to One Who Has Fallen Hard

Today I spoke with a person who has experienced a very bad fall into sin. As I spoke with this individual, I could feel their despondency. After the call was over, I had four thoughts that I wanted to share, that I believe are important for anyone who has very recently experienced such a fall.

1. Your life is not over. NO! IT IS NOT! Nor is your opportunity to be used of God again. Do not let Satan into your head. The sun will shine again.

2. God is faithful. God has always been faithful even when you were not. He will be faithful during this time as well. He has not changed His love or affection towards you. He is not angry, nor does He want to hurt you.

3. Things aren’t as bad as they seem. No matter how devastated you are at this moment, things are not as bleak as you may think. Once again, Satan would have you give up, but do not do it. At the worst, things are not as dark as you may feel.

4. There are still things to look forward to. This is very important. As I look at my life, “post-fall,” it is amazing how rich it has been. I have a daughter marrying a fine Christian young man in February. Another daughter is working in a ministry and dating a young man in ministry. My wife and I will celebrating 30 years of marriage soon, and we are as happy as can be. Looking forward, I could never have seen what I now see looking back.

I hope this helps someone and perhaps you know someone with whom you could share it. People fall. Let us be an encouragement to them when they do. (DH)