Are You Facing a Whale of a Mess?

Sometimes we find ourselves dealing with a circumstance brought on by a bad choice we made, and we are confronted with a whale of a problem, just like Jonah. Are you facing circumstances such as these from sins in your past? Here are some signs that you are in such a situation. Do you find yourself…

1. In darkness. Have you been are are you now in failure’s darkest hour?

2. In desperation. Do you know the feeling of being totally helpless to get yourself back up or out of the mess you are in?

3. In the deep. Oh, how difficult it is when we are so low that we cannot even imagine ever surfacing again.

4. In disgust. The stench of the stomach of that whale is like the stench from our own experiences after we have failed.

5. In death. Lets face it, Jonah did not see the chance of surviving his circumstances. Who survives something like this.

But here is something I never saw before, “Then Jonah prayed unto the LORD his God out of the fish’s belly.” It does not say that Jonah prayed in the belly, but out of the belly. Yes, Jonah prayed his way out. God allows us to be in the worst of circumstances in order that we might pray our way out of them. If you are in circumstances because of your sins or failures, start praying your way out of them. God can cause our circumstances to vomit us right out back to dry land and into His will.