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I Am Never Coming Back Here

by David Baker (Author)

I Am Never Coming Back Here

I’m Never Coming Back Here identifies man’s problem as sin and dedication to following the teachings of God’s Word as the only cure. This 170 page book with 27 chapters covers the things that get people locked up and keeps sending them back.

However, this book is NOT just for prisoners. Pastor Dave’s insights not only lay out a doctrinally sound game plan for prisoners but Christians in general. Some of the timely topics he discusses- and under-girds with Scripture- include: trusting Christ completely, avoiding all appearances of evil and all satanic traps, the blight of booze and drugs, lust and its dangers, money and other priorities, jobs, fellowship with the Lord and His people, how to develop a God honoring attitude about life, happiness and holiness, and how to avoid returning to prison which 80 percent or more generally do.

This book has been a great source of strength and help for those locked up in government prisons to find freedom and never return to incarceration. Pastor Baker has given thousands of hours to help people that have been in jail. He cares about them and believes that they can be productive members of society and be great family members.

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Mercy for Me: A Study of Psalm 51, David’s Prayer of Repentance

Kindle Edition
by David Hyles (Author)
Mercy for Me

An in-depth, 6 week devotional study of David’s journey. This man after God’s own heart, honestly faces and confesses his tragic sin. Then, through a series of steps, is restored to a relationship with God. This devotional reveals the merciful path back to recovery in 37 practical steps that everyone needs to know.

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Publication Date: August 28, 2015

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