Christian you may be in for a fall if…

18. Living With a Secret Sin

…You praise the Lord in public more than you do in private.

…You talk more about spiritual things with people than you think about them when you are all alone.

…Your prayers in public are more intense than your prayers in private.

…You work harder in your Christian service to win a prize in a contest than you do to please the Lord.

…You seek compliments for your preaching, and they become your gauge for how well
you did.

…You prepare sermons for response more than for their truth.

…The style of your performance becomes more consuming than the substance.

…You work harder on your sermon outline than you do on the purity of your heart.

…You are jealous of the success of others.

…You are competitive with others for their status, when you feel that they are getting more recognition or credit than you.

…You want everyone to know the sacrifices you made in the work you performed.

…You think more about what others think of you, than you do about what the Lord thinks of you.

…You go to the altar to make something right with the Lord, when there are many others moving, but never when you would seem noticed because others are not responding.

…Most of your ministry become the things which are done in the sight of others, rather than out of the sight of men.

…You are impressed with yourself for the things you are doing “for the Lord.”

…You have begun to see the inadequacies in others much clearer than you see the ones in yourself.

…You hunger to be in the security of the Christian crowds more than you hunger to be alone with the Lord.

Wherefore, let him that thinketh he standeth, take heed lest he fall.