Condemnation or Conviction

2. Fallen Christians

any believers struggle with condemning thoughts and think it’s God speaking. My friend, nothing could be further from the truth. God NEVER condemns you once you have confessed your sin to Him. He came not to condemn the world, but to save it. The Holy Spirit convicts, but that is entirely different than the condemnation many people feel. I have known the power condemnation had on me when I mistook it for conviction. Allow me to elaborate on the differences in the two.

Condemnation speaks to you of the sins you have already forsaken.
Conviction speaks to you of the sins that we still harbor.

Condemnation encourages you to look at what is behind.
Conviction encourages you to reach unto those things which are before.

Condemnation seeks to discourage you to give up.
Conviction seeks to encourage you to press on.

Condemnation body slams you to the ground.
Conviction gently nudges your heart.

Condemnation comes from Satan and is meant to tear you down.
Conviction comes from the Spirit of God and is meant to mend your relationship with God.

Condemnation says you can never do enough to be right.
Conviction says that He has already done all the was necessary to make you right.

Condemnation continually points out what a failure you are, and how badly you’ve messed up.
Conviction shows you the blood of Jesus that wipes away your sins!

Condemnation shows you the problem.
Conviction shows you the answer to your problem.

Condemnation tells you to beg for forgiveness.
Conviction tells you to accept God’s forgiveness.

Condemnation tells you, “You are such a failure! Look at what you did!”
Conviction tells you, “Come to me… and I will forgive you!”

Condemnation shouts, “Guilty! Rejected! Defeated!”
Conviction shouts, “Forgiven! Accepted! Victorious!