Those Dealing With Specific Issues

Dealing with Divorce (05)

Words of Advice for Divorced People

One of the topics about which we are most frequently asked is in regards to divorce. People who are not divorced cannot imagine the prejudice against divorced people. There is also a great amount of inequity when it comes to the way divorced people are treated in many churches. However since there’s nothing we can do about the way people treat us we must be careful how we deal with our own situations. There are some things that we can do that will make us more effective even after experiencing a divorce. I am writing this mostly for people who have been remarried rather than those who are divorced and still single.  Read More

Depressed (06)

Some Thoughts on Depression

Some in this group seriously struggle with depression. On occasion I have addressed this subject. I wanted to take a couple of days to address it from two angles. First some random thoughts about depression that others of us need to understand. Secondly, so suggestions of how we can minister to those facing depression. I am not an expert but I think I understand a thing or two about this subject from my experiences dealing with others. I welcome your comments in this subject.  Read More

Struggling with Addiction (10)

How to Conquer an Addiction

There is so much teaching on how to conquer an addiction, yet so many people cannot conquer their addiction. What I am going to tell you we will surprise you and will contradict what many people teach regarding addictions.  Read More

Coming Out of the Unnatural Lifestyle (13)

Removing the Sexual from Sexual Attraction

Paul was the first to admit that he was carnal. He confessed to the fact that he struggled with his flesh. Yet we know Paul was a man who lived a chaste life. Many of the people with whom we deal struggle with same sex attraction. Unfortunately many people have been misguided as to how to deal with this. Their objective is to change the attraction. However sexual attraction is not only a problem for those who have a same-sex attraction. All sexual attraction can be a problem. If a young man has a sexual attraction to his girlfriend he must learn how to deal with that, just as someone who has a sexual attraction to the same sex.  Read More

Coming to Grips with Grace (14)

When the Grace of God Appears, It Was All I Needed

Anxiously I waited for the arrival. Every day I waited, hoping someone would show up bringing that for which I had so long awaited. My hopes were at first high but as the days progressed they began to fade. When, I wondered will it arrive?

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