Do you ever have any of these thoughts?

14. Coming to Grips with God’s Grace

I know that these thoughts still occasionally come to me and when they do, I now know How my Father would reply. (His reply is in parenthesis)

God, I am sorry for those sins from the past.
(I didn’t bring them back up. Why are you?)

Father, I am so filled with guilt for my sins.
(Guilt does not come from me. Stop listening to the accuser.)

Father, I am so ashamed of myself.
(What part of your sins did I not cover?)

But, Father I still feel so dirty and unclean.
(And what part of your sin did I not cleanse?)

Father I feel like I am in the bondage of my past.
(I loosed the chains and set you free long ago, why are you still wearing them?.)

Father I am trying so hard to win back your favor.
(I won you back with the blood of my son.)

How horrible you must think I am.
(You are the apple of my eye.)

Lord I have so little faith.
(But I am always faithful)

But I left and forsook you.
(And I will never leave or forsake you)

Lord I am so insufficient.
(My grace is all sufficient.)

But I have been so unfaithful.
(Great is my faithfulness.)

Father, my friends have condemned me.
(There is no condemnation from me because you are my child.)

Lord, I am such a nobody.
(Well, you were fearfully and wonderfully made by me.)

People won’t let me forget the sins of my past.
(What sins?)

I deserve to suffer for my sins.
(But I suffered in your place.)

I wandered so far from you.
(I fully reconciled you to me.)

But Satan won’t leave me alone.
(I already defeated him.)

My sin keeps taunting me.
(I already conquered them.)

Lord, I am covered in my sins.
(All I see is My Sons Righteousness.)

I can’t stop thinking about it.
(I don’t remember it.)

Father, I want to run in my disgrace.
(Instead why not run to my grace.)

What can I ever do to make this up to you?
(Nothing! IT IS FINISHED!)