Fallen Christians

Fallen Christians (02)

For By Grace Are Ye Restored Through Faith

The ingredient most often missing in a person's life when they are trying to restore their life to sweet fellowship and usefulness for the Lord is, faith. What kind of faith? Simple faith.The same kind of simple faith that brings Salvation. Without faith, it is impossible to be restored, just as it is impossible to be saved.

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Elder Brothers (07)

The Bondage of Unforgiveness

And the LORD turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before. Job 42:10

He had survived and was in essence ready to be restored…not from a terrible sin but from a terribly difficult time of testing. The captivity of his horrible time of pain inflicted by Satan but allowed by God was nearing the end. What else could Satan do to him that had not already been done?  Read More

Dealing With Elder Brother (17)

How to Deal with Elder Brothers in the Church

There are pastors who would love to have a prodigal friendly church. They long to have a church where the fallen and the broken are welcome and loved. They personally have a heart of grace towards those who have fallen into sin. Unfortunately, churches always have elder brothers. Inherent to church will be those who reject the prodigals who return. Much of their rejection is a jealousy that exists within them because they are not living in the joy of their own salvation. What can a pastor do to deal with elder brothers? Let’s look at the example of the father to find our answer.  Read More

Living With a Secret Sin (18)

So You Are Living in Secret Sin

Long before a child of God is exposed for their secret sins they are convicted by the Holy Spirit. If there is no such conviction then perhaps you are not a child of God. Many a Christian stood to preach, teach, sing or serve in a public fashion this past Sunday who is living with a sin that very possibly could lead to a very hurtful and disgraceful fall. There are three reasons why you did not already confess and forsake it.  Read More

Backslidden Christians (20)

Not a Fallen Christian, But a Stray

There are far more Christians who have strayed away from God than those who have “fallen” into sin. Although they never fell in the way that we think of a person falling, they were overtaken by a fault because,for whatever reason,they strayed from the things of God. Some went on to fall into sin and others simply stayed away never restoring their relationship with God.I believe Galatians 6:1 includes these people.It is not that they have fallen into some type of terrible sin,but rather they are simply away from the things of God.In many cases it has been a long time since they have even considered the life they once lived.  Read More