01. Fallen Pastors


Dear Fallen Preacher,

I am writing this letter with a sincere desire to encourage your hurting heart. For some time, you were involved in sinful activity even while in ministry for Christ. The sin eventually overtook you, and your fall has been made known publicly to many. You have been disgraced. Most people will remember you for your sin, and will forget the ministry part. Some will even say that you were a phony the entire time. I want to set that record straight and do my best to encourage your heart.

Now, I cannot know if you were genuine or not, but I do know that there is a biblical precedent for one who kept sinning even while he kept serving.We were given a glimpse of his life of sinful service. God allowed us to see his horrible failures and his amazing victories bundled together.He died in a condition that you may feel you are in now. People made fun of him, laughed at him, ridiculed him, discounted him, and in general abused him. But the good he did, was not negated by God. You may have already guessed that I am referring to Samson. It is interesting to note that God did not recount Samson's sins when he included him in Hebrews 11. He only spoke of his faith and the victories he experienced. You may live the rest of your life feeling your ministry has been negated by your sins. Some will certainly question the validity of your work; but the souls you won are still saved, the good was still done and the victories were still won. Most importantly,God will not forget those things, even if others do.

My pastor friend, you may spend the rest of your life paying for the sins that you committed. Samson certainly did. Samson ended his life in horrible circumstances, created by his own choices. That is not how God portrays Samson. He allows us to see the last glimpses of his life, not as tragic,but as victorious. The final word was given in the great book of Hebrews, where there is no talk of prison, no mention of chains, no reference to people making sport of him and no talk of his eyes having been plucked out. What was recorded, were the victories and the great things God did with him.

Be encouraged preacher friend. The end that people see is not the true end. There is an eternal final chapter that has been written about your life,and all the stinky parts that are being emphasized on earth have been removed. Those good things that many have forgotten and even negated are the only ones that remain. One day, you will stand before the Lord and he will read the final chapter of your life. My fallen preacher friend, it will be a glorious final chapter. Don't be dismayed. The end is not the end, but may be the beginning to a whole NEW ministry.)

Your Fellow Fallen Pastor


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