For Those Incarcerated


The statement every person makes when released from jail for the first time.

I once spent a night in jail. That was enough for me. If I had been caught for everything I had ever done wrong as a young man, it would have been several years, but fortunately it was only one night. I will never forget the strange feeling I felt when I heard the cell doors close, knowing I could not leave. It was a feeling of helplessness. I was alone and at the mercy of others. My destiny was no longer in my control.

While in jail, I longed for a pastor to encourage me and give me hope, but there wasn’t one. Maybe that night helped me become who I am today. Eventually, I got things right with God, and He showed me mercy. Then I surrendered my life to preach the Word of God. It was that one night in jail experience, however, that caused me to make a commitment to go and help the people in jail. I believe there are MANY sincere people in jail who need someone to care about them and help them.

The relapse rate for those in jail is almost ninety percent. Eight out of ten people who get out of jail will be back within three years. That is tragic. It means that few are getting the help they need to make the right changes in their life. If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting the same result you have always gotten.

You must do some things differently.

When you have struggled for many years to overcome the problems in your life, you might get discouraged and think that perhaps you cannot change. Your friends and family may have given up on you, which has discouraged you to the point of you giving up on yourself. You start believing that all you will ever be is a drug addict, a drunk, or someone who is in and out of jail.

Friend, even if society, your friends, your family, and even if you have given up on you, God has not. You may be wondering how you can know that. Are you still alive? If so, God hasn’t given up on you, and there is hope for your life. God loves you and He has a plan for your life.

Do you ever wonder whether God still loves you? Believe me, He does. Regardless of how much wrong you have done, He loves you. Others may or may not know all you have done, but God does, and He loves you anyway. Keep that thought in mind as you read these words. Maybe you have tried to change and turn your life around in the past, but failed. Perhaps this is exactly what you need to help you make it this time.

Let us help you. You can change.