It’s Time to Care About Those We Lose

There are many in our churches who have a deep concern over lost souls; however, there are far too few who have a concern over lost Christians. Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost. It is obvious that includes those who are lost souls, it also is apparent that it includes those who are lost among us.

Jesus often spoke of those who were lost. He spoke of 100 sheep and showed great interest over the one who was lost. He spoke of 10 coins and took great care to show us His interest in the one coin that was lost. He told the story of two sons but gave the greatest emphasis to the son who had been lost. When Jesus lost Peter to his denials, He went looking for him in order to bring him back. You see Jesus cares about those who are His, but have been lost.

We rejoice over those lost souls who come to Christ and we should. We have conferences dedicated to reaching lost souls. We take great care to have special offerings to support those whose ministries reach the lost; yet, far too little attention is given to those who already have been saved, but are now among the lost saved. The average church has more people on its role who are saved, but who have wandered away, than those who are active. Yet, when is the last time you heard of a revival for those the saved lost?

My dad was often criticized for having over 100,000 members. People loved to say he had all those members, yet look how many actually attended. The reason it never bothered dad is because he did not ever want to forget those people who had been lost. While some applaud the purging of church roles, dad always refused to do so. He didn’t care what people said. He wasn’t trying to impress with the number of members he had. He simply was not willing to purge lost, saved people off the role. They mattered to him and they were part of his church until they chose not to be. Absence did not negate their value. They were still a member just as much as the one who attended every service.

It would be wonderful if our churches decided to get concerned about the lost saved, as much as they are the lost lost. The lost saved, are precious to God. They are His children by adoption and by birth. They have been married into the body of Christ. How could we not value those people? May God help us to care more for those who have wandered away and give a greater effort to find them and bring them home.