Living the Forgiven Life

14. Coming to Grips with God’s Grace and Forgiveness

If you have been forgiven, then you must start living a forgiven life. What is that? Well, it is a life that reveals your understanding of having been forgiven for your failures. How sad to be forgiven, but not to be living the life of one who is. Many have been forgiven, but have not entered into the forgiven life and are missing out on the fun. Here are some qualities of the forgiven life.

1. A joyous gratitude to God for his forgiveness.

2. Forgiveness to those who hurt you. A good sign that you are not living the forgiven life is, that you have unforgiveness in your heart towards others.

3. Transparency. Once forgiven we do not have to pretend we did not fall.

4. You are now a messenger of grace. Those living a forgiven life are a pretty excited bunch when it comes to the message of grace.

5. An absence of judgment or condemnation towards others. People living the forgiven life aren’t into gossip and slander. They don’t join “Do Right” groups.

6. Living in the moment with an eternal perspective. They don’t keep rehashing their failures. They are presently pressing toward an eternal mark. They are living an, “It Is Finished” life.

7. Humility. When you have found the forgiven life, you are so over yourself and so excited about the Lord.

8. They are no longer hung up on the fact that they are sinners. They KNOW it and they know that they can go to the Lord and be honest with him in confession.

9. They are not into impressing others, because their acceptance is in the Lord, no one else.

10. They smile and laugh a lot. How could we not? Yep, it is a really good life. It is your choice to live it, but if you don’t, you are really missing out. Are you living the forgiven life? (DH)