Those Affected By Another’s Fall

Wounded By Another's Fall  (11)

Forgiving and Forgetting the Unforgettable

Forgive and forget people like to say, really it’s not that easy. Most of us can forgive but we struggle to forget. As long as we don’t forget it is easy to take back our forgiveness and develop bitterness. So how do we forget when someone has hurt us deeply? My answer may surprise you but I don’t believe we can forget. So if I don’t believe we can forget what is the point of this article? Well, let’s look at it from a biblical perspective.  Read More

A Friend Who Has Fallen (16)

“I Just Didn’t Know What to Say”

When a friend had fallen, I reached out to him and tried to help him. He didn’t want help. We helped his wife and kids and kept praying for him and reaching out to him. He didn’t want my help.  Read More

A Pastor With a Prodigal (15)

What Should a Pastor Do When His Child Falls?

It happens. Sometimes a pastor’s adult child goes off into the far country and away from God. We have dealt with many who have experienced this with their child and wonder what exactly to do. There are some things that perhaps would be of help to those who are dealing with this. There are two aspects that need to be considered. First how the pastor should deal with the prodigal and second how he should deal with his church in light of his prodigal child.  Read More

Parents with a Prodigal (03)

Help Me! My Child Is a Prodigal

I am intrigued by the father in the story of the prodigal son. His handling of the situation was masterful. But of course he represents our heavenly Father, so it should not be a surprise. Far too often when a parent sees their child go off into the far country they react rather than respond. Reactions are typically emotional based while responses are principle based. It is critically important not to make emotional decisions during this time. If you have a prodigal child what exactly should you do?  Read More