Pride Goeth Before Destruction

10. Struggling with a Sin and/or an Addiction

If you have never been afflicted with this horrible addiction, then you have no idea how horrible its effects can be, and how excruciatingly painful its withdrawal is. The addiction about which I speak is PRIDE! Yes, it can be a horrible addiction and many are well acquainted with it, while others are still in denial. Pride runs rampant among Christians as Satan peddles it in our churches. Those who have been overtaken in a fault often are overtaken by this sin. Unfortunately, often it is other sins that are most evident, so this sin can easily go untreated. This leads to repeated falls and a delay in coming back to God. Pride must be faced and dealt with if we are going to be restored. There are several things one must do in order to control this awful addiction.

1. Stop believing that there is any righteousness in you apart from that which has been imparted to you in Christ. See yourself for what you really are. It is difficult to repent over our sins while we are relishing in our works.

2. See Christ in all his glory and righteousness. He and He alone is worthy of ANY praise, not us. Praise is that which often feeds pride, so we must learn to deflect all praise to He alone who is deserving of it.

3. Be aware of the dangerous side effects such as jealousy, envy, unforgiveness, entitlement, judgmentalism, elitism, bragging, etc. I could go on and on listing the dangerous side effects. Actually name the sin and it comes from pride.

4. Realize that you will only experience temporary satisfaction and superficial results. Yes, people will respond to your performance, but they will not be transformed by Holy Ghost power, and the rush you feel, will soon be gone and you will be left craving for more.

5. Commit your works before the Lord as a sacrifice of praise. Do this before, during and after the work. Many times we do the things of God without truly committing our works to the Lord.

6. Break or prepare to be broken. Those who stay addicted to their pride will experience brokenness that is often without remedy. Those who break before God will gain victory and discover the joy of living in the freedom of humility.

Pride is what caused the prodigal to join himself to the citizen of the far country even after he had spent all. Pride will make you try to fix yourself rather than coming to God as soon as the sin is spotted lurking in your life. Deal with it, lest it deal even more harshly with you.