The Dangers of Emotional Roller-Coasters

During the twenty years we lived in Florida, we had the opportunity to go to quite number of amusement parks as a family. I personally enjoy riding roller coasters from time to time, however my wife does not. A number of years ago we were at Universal Studios theme park in Orlando and I wanted to ride the Tower of Terror. My wife did not. Unfortunately, I pressured her into doing so, and it so disturbed her that it was difficult for her to enjoy the rest of her time there, because of that ride. That was unfair of me to pressure her to ride the roller coaster with me. Since then, my wife has told me that she will wait for me when I’m on my roller coaster rides, and when I get of, she’ll be there for me. I think that’s fair.

One of the dangers for people who have hit bottom, because of sins they’ve committed in their lives, is that it is very easy for them to ride an emotional roller coaster. I know, because I have done it. It is unfair for us to ask our families and our friends, to ride the roller coaster against their will. When you go on an emotional roller coaster, go by yourself. Your family and friends will be there when you get off of that emotional roller coaster, but if you force them to endure it with you, it may well cause temporary damage, and even long-term effects that you will not want. If you are struggling in your life, and find yourself on an emotional roller coaster, don’t subject others to the ride. You may ruin your marriage and your family, if you do not allow them to sit on the sideline rather than riding your roller coaster with you.

I have also had to learn not to ride other people’s emotional roller coasters. It is not because I don’t care, but I know I am not going to be able to help someone if I’m dizzy from their emotional ups-and-downs. I’ve learned that it doesn’t do others any good, to ride our emotional roller coasters, and it doesn’t do us any good to ride with others on theirs. I am no good to you, if I am dizzy from going through your struggle. I will be there for you, when the ride is finished, but I can help you better if I just sit out the ride. Be careful, that you do not inflict damage on others, when those times come. Learn to deal with these emotional times on your own. Those who love you, will be close by waiting for you, but things you may say or do, could be worse than you realize. (DH)