The Valley of the Shadow of Sin’s Consequences

When a person has fallen into sin, they often feel as if they are walking in the shadow of their sins circumstances. The Bible tells us, that sin, when it is finished bringing forth death. Sin brings consequences into our lives. Sometimes, those consequences are brief and quickly go away. Sometimes, they last for a season and then disappear. At times, the consequences seem to last for a lifetime. There are some, who experience delayed consequences. Their consequences show up years after the sin. The secret is, learning how to live in the shadow of those consequences. I think it’s very much like living in the shadow of death. There’s a shadow over you, but there is victory, even in the shadows. Let me share with you what will bring victory

1. Do not fear evil. It is very easy to live in fear, when you’re walking in the shadow of your consequences. That fear can grip you, and keep you from moving forward for God. During these times, you must obey the commands, to “be of good courage” and to “fear not.” Do not fear what evil can do to you, because your Shepherd is greater than those consequences.

2. Remember, that God is with you. No matter where your consequences take you, or what difficulties you face, because of your sins, God is with you. He has never forsaken you, and He never will. If your consequences take you to the shadow of prison, He will be with you, or if your consequences take you to great loneliness, and loss, He is with you. The one beautiful thing about sins consequences, is that they never remove us from God’s presence, so we must be aware of that presence.

3. Allow the rod and the staff to bring you comfort. The rod and the staff were instruments, used by a shepherd, to both guide and chasten the sheep. Find comfort in the chastening of God. God is not punishing you because of your sin. He is chastening you, which means you are one of His own. If you are not one of his own, then you would not be chastened. Do not see your consequences as God’s judgment. See it as God’s love.

4. Remember, that God will even identify with you, before your enemies. The shadow of sin’s consequences, often brings people into a place of hatred. Sin causes enemies to come into our lives. God says, that He will bless you in the presence of those enemies. My enemies hate to see the blessings of God in my life. God blesses me in their presence. Don’t spite your enemies, when you’re walking in the shadow of your consequences. God will spite them for you. He spites them, by blessing you, taking care of you and even using you in their presence

5. Be aware of the abundant goodness of God. Even in the shadow of my consequences, my cup runs over with blessings. Stay aware of those blessings.

6. See the goodness and the mercy of God, evidenced even in the midst of your consequences. Through the darkest hour of sin’s consequences, His goodness and His mercy, is fresh new and available to you.

7. Look forward to eternity when the shadow of sin’s consequences are gone. There are times, when I get too discouraged in the shadow of my consequences. But then, I remember that one day, I will dwell with my Father forever. The house of the Lord will have no shadows; only light. Rejoice, that even though, we pay a price for sin, in this life, we have an eternal destiny that is void of these sufferings and these consequences.

If you’re walking through the valley of the shadow of sins circumstances, in your life, let these principles from Psalm 23 be an encouragement to you.