This Morning I Rediscovered That God Is Not Through With Me

“O wretched man that I am!” Romans 7:24a

Does anyone else sometimes wake up and wonder why you are still here? Do you ever look at the sins you have committed, and ask yourself, “Is God through with me?” I do. Well I woke up this morning, with ten assurances that He is not through with me, in spite of what my enemies may say. Maybe these will help you realize, that He is not through with you, either.

1. I woke up!

2. I had a pulse!

3. I read the obituaries, and my name was not there!

4. I was still saved!

5. God still loved me!

6. Others still needed my encouragement!

7. There were still some lost people left, who needed Christ!

8. The enemy was still fighting me!

9. I felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit, when I read my Bible!

10. I am still called, according to His purpose!

Well, that about does it for today. It seems pretty clear to me, that He is not yet through with me. Check back with me tomorrow morning. (DH)