Those “Things” We Lost in the Far Country

The most difficult part of coming back to God, is realizing that sometimes we come back with less than we had, when we left. Oh, that it were only possessions that we lose, while in the far country, because those would be easy to forget. However, often it may be a family, a marriage, or even our children that we have lost. It may be relationships with people, that we loved dearly. Some losses are very painful. The problem is, is how to deal with those losses. May I offer several suggestions question?

1. Do not give up hope. You may or may not ever regain what you have lost, but keep hope that somehow God would work to help restore, or replace what you have lost, because of your sins.

2. Do not sacrifice the blessings of the present, while grieving over the losses of the past. David grieved the loss of his and Bathsheba’s child. However, there came a time when David had to admit that there was nothing more he could do. Sometimes you have to let go, and move on, in order to find what God has for you today.

3. Do not become bitter at the things, nor the people that you lost. Is very easy for me to become angry at people, who no longer speak to me, yet who at one time were my closest friends. I must be careful, that I do not allow the broken relationship to cause me to become bitter towards them. I must forgive them. I must understand, how my wrong choices hurt them.

4. Enjoy what God has for you now. Many people lose a family because of their poor choices, but God allows them to start over with a new family. God may even bless them with more children. It is easy to be so focused on what you have lost, that you neglect what you now have. I do not look back at a lost family, and allow it to destroy the family I have now. I had to realize that losing my family, could either be a catalyst for further failure, or encouragement for future success.

5. Walk with God. There is nothing that you can do more important than this. Get close to God. When you feel you have lost something that hurts more deeply than anything you ever imagined, get closer to God. He is your comfort. He is your strength. He is your hope. He is your solace. He is the balm in Gilead. You can make it if you walk close to Him.

So, if there has been a loss in your life that brings great sorrow, consider these things carefully and move on for the Lord. (DH)