You DO NOT Love God…Not Really

Why do you continue to hang onto the sin, from which you know you should flee? Why do you continue to allow your discouragement to stop you from doing what you should do, for God? Why do you continue making excuses for the choices you have made, rather than repenting of them? Why do you not just get up from your fall and start running your race? Well let me give you my guess as to why. It is simple.

You don’t love God.

Logic tells me that I am right. Better yet, Scripture tells me I am right. You cannot claim to love God and to continue in those things. Let me reason with you for a moment.

The Bible says that we are to love the Lord thy God. β€œAnd thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.” We are told four ways we are to love Him.

1. With all thy heart. If your heart chooses your sin or your depression or your excuses over God, then you love something else more than God. You have something else in your heart other than God, so you do not love God with all your heart. You failed the first test.

2. With all my soul . The soul is that which determines what is the Lord of your life. If your sin has influence over your decision-making, then your sin is your Lord. That means you do not love God, with all your soul. If your discouragement stops you from obeying God, then your discouragement is your Lord…NOT GOD.

3. With all thy mind. Your mind tells you that you are doing wrong, but you are choosing to do it anyway. Your mind tells you that you should serve God, rather than wallowing in self-pity and discouragement, but you are wallowing anyway. God is not the singular love of your mind, because other thoughts have more control.

4. With all thy strength. Now comes the physical. Where is your strength invested? If your body is not completely consumed with God and his work, then you cannot claim to love Him with all your strength. If you are wasting strength in your sin and excuses, then you do not love Him with ALL…ALL your strength.

So what is your argument for claiming to love God? It is easy to say, I love you. In fact, it’s too easy. We say it so much and so often, that we don’t have a clue what it really means. Most of us love emotionally, but none of these four, encompass the emotions. They overwhelm the emotions and control the emotions. Most of us think we love God enough, but in all four cases, we are commanded to love Him ALL the way…not in part, but all consuming.

Let’s be honest. We do what we do, because we don’t love God. Stop fooling yourself. Stop lying to yourself. Start being honest, and maybe you can change. Give yourself a test. Examine yourself in the light of these four proofs. Our problem is not a sin problem, or a discouragement problem, or an inability problem. Our problem is a love problem, and that is all there is to it. (DH)