Your Love for the Fallen

Consider sharing this video with those you think might be interested in our ministry. Perhaps a pastor, a friend or a Sunday school teacher would be thrilled to hear of this unique ministry. We want to get out the message of Fallen IN Grace and especially our new Restoration Inn.

If you can support this ministry on a monthly basis, please let me know the amount. Send an email to [email protected] to let me know what you are able to do. Each gift is important - in any amount. We need to raise $7,000 a month. To make a contribution, you may do so online at:, or give by checks to:

Fallen In Grace Ministries
PO Box 736
Columbia, TN 38402

If you want to give by PayPal or with a credit card, this is a direct link you can use to make your donation.

If you have questions regarding our ministry, you may contact Pastor David Baker by email at [email protected], or by phone at (931) 797-1816.

If you have the need to contact Brother Hyles, you may contact him by phone at (931) 246-9008, or by email at [email protected]

As a special gift of appreciation for viewing our live broadcast, here is the link to my ​38 day devotional program, Mercy for Me. This is one of the tools we will be using in our ​Fallen in Grace ministry at the Restoration Inn. This is our gift to you for caring for the fallen. ​These lessons are helpful for any Christian, ​but especially for those who have fallen into sin. When you have completed these lessons, you will have the opportunity to purchase the book, ​ ​either as a ​hard copy, or as an e-book:

Thank you for viewing our broadcast and for your love for the fallen.

David and Brenda Hyles